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Copyright Filing

Copyright Filing in India

Copyright filing in India is done through online application for copyright accompanied by four copies of the work is to be made on Form IV (Including Statement of Particulars and Statement of Further Particulars) along with the prescribed fee by visiting the website of the Copyright Office at, or as an alternative, such application is to be sent by Speed Post/Registered Post to the Copyright Office in the prescribed .

The Copyright Office initially provides a filing number and filing date and issues a filing receipt. Thereafter, the application is formally examined by the Office. Defects will be communicated to the applicant. Once the application is found to be in order it is accepted and the Copyright Office issues the registration certificate.

It may take 3-4 months time for the registration of any work in the normal course.

Online Filing of Copyright Applications in India

In a move to promote the online copyright applications, the physical Copyright Counter for filing copyright applications has been closed with effect from August 01, 2014. Thus, all copyright applications are now to be filed online by visiting the website of the Copyright Office at, or as an alternative, to be sent by Speed Post/Registered Post in the format prescribed. Before sending the applications through Speed Post/ Registered Post, the mobile number or email address for communications has to be written on the Form XIV, as the diary number of applications will be provided through mobile number/ email address.

The advantage of online registration through “E-filing facility” is that applications can now be filed at a time and place chosen by the applicants, thereby saving time and money. This new step taken by the Copyright Office promises to expedite the process of grant of registration of copyright in India.

Copyright Filing in India @INR500/-*

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