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Consumer Laws

The Consumer Protection Law in India has undergone substantial changes owing to dynamic and ever changing nature of consumer related disputes. The advent of technology and issues encountered on account of technological advancement has in the recent past led to emergence of consumer related disputes which were not adequately addressed by the Consumer Protection Act of 1986. The Legislature consequently felt the need to revamp the Consumer Protection Law in India and equip it with provisions which adequately deal with issues faced by consumers while purchasing goods and availing services online. Thus, was enacted the Consumer Protection Act of 2019 which apart from defining “e-commerce” and “internet service providers” also features a new provision pertaining to Product Liability Action which enables an aggrieved consumer to raise a plea of product liability action against the seller.

Apart from the aforesaid statutory law, the Judiciary including the High Courts, Supreme Court and National and State Commissions have been vigilant enough in protecting the rights of consumers in India and their observations and verdict have also helped in streamlining the Consumer Protection Law in India.