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Global IP Laws

International Patent

The Law of Patents has emerged as a crucial branch of law which represents a fascinating interface between the science and law. The need to protect one’s innovations, ideas and to further prevent it from unauthorized use by others has led to the evolution of Patent Law in various jurisdictions across the world. Thus, most of the countries in Americas, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Europe have regulated their framework of patent protection.

The regulations pertaining to patent protection in every country varies and each country has varied term of patent protection, criteria of patentability and non-patentability. The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and TRIPS (Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) Agreement are two International conventions which majorly govern the law and procedure relating to patent protection in member countries. PCT assists applicants in protecting their subject of patent internationally i.e. by filing one international application under the PCT an applicant can simultaneously seek patent protection in 153 contracting States. On the other hand, the TRIPS Agreement provides the minimum standards of IP protection to be provided and complied by member countries.



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