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Patent Application


a) Ordinary Application

How to File Ordinary Patent Applications in India?

An application for patent filed with the Patent Office without claiming priority from any application or without reference to any other application under process in the Patent Office is called an ordinary application.

b) Provisional and Complete Application

How to file Provisional and Complete Application in India?

A provisional application is filed to establish priority of the invention in case the disclosed invention is only at a conceptual stage and a delay is expected in submitting complete description of the invention. As per section 9 of the Indian Patents Act, the provisional specification is deemed to be abandoned if complete specification is not filed with the Patent Office within twelve months from the date of filing of the provisional application.

c) Convention Patent Application

How to file a Convention Patent Application in India?

As per Section 135 of Indian Patents Act when an applicant files the application for a patent -claiming – priority date based on the same or substantially similar application(s) for patent filed in one or more of the convention countries, is called as convention application. The convention application is required to be filed within 12 months from the date of earliest priority application.

d) PCT National Phase Patent Application in India

How to file a PCT National Phase Patent Application in India?

PCT is an international filing system in which the applicant gets an international filing date in all the designated countries.

The applicant has a time limit of 30/31 months from the date of earliest priority to file National Phase Entry Application in the designated countries. PCT does not grant a Patent, the responsibility of granting or rejecting the patent application lies exclusively with the national/regional patent offices on the basis of their local Patent law and rules.

PCT National Phase Patent application designation India can be filed within 31 months from the date of the earliest priority.

Patent of Addition and Division in India:

e) Application for Patent of Addition

How to file a Patent of Addition in India?

As per section 54 of the Patents Act, Patent of addition is an application where the invention is a mere modification or improvement of an already filed patent application.

The date of filing patent of addition shall be either same or later than the date of filing main patent application. A patent of addition is not granted before the main patent application. During the term of main patent, separate renewal fee is not required to be paid for the Patent of Addition.

Patent of addition expires along with the main patent. However, if the main patent is revoked, the patent of addition is converted into an independent patent, if so requested by the patentee and same renewal fee shall be payable upon the same dates as if the patent has been originally granted as an independent patent.

f) Divisional Application

How to file a Divisional Patent in India?

Under section 16 of the Patents Act, a divisional application is one which has been “divided” from an existing application. The applicant, at any time before the grant of a patent can file a further application, if he so desires or if an objection is raised by the Controller on the ground that claims of the complete specification relate to more than one invention.

The date of filing of a divisional application is same as that of the main application, from which it has been divided. The request for examination in case of divisional application is to be filed within 48 months from the date of filing or priority of the parent application or within six months from the date of filing the divisional application, whichever expires later.

The term of patent for a divisional application is reckoned from the date of filing of main application or international filing date in case the application was divided out of National phase application under PCT.

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